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Willow Pathway's clinicians understand the importance of allowing their patients prepare for and recover well from acute illness, surgeries and chemotherapy/immunotherapy.  They aim to keep patients comfortable at their homes by providing the best nursing care.

Willow Pathway assigns each patient with:

  • One registered nurse (RN) case manager, and

  • A team of RNs, phlebotomists and certified nursing assistants (CNA).

Doctor Taking Notes

​​What does Willow Pathway's RN Case Manager do?

  • Build the patient's care plan with the patients and their family members.

  • Form and lead a team of RNs, phlebotomists and CNAs to conduct the patient's individualized care.

What Types of Nursing Care do Willow Pathway RN provide?

Taping a shoulder wound
  • Wound Care

  • Wound Vac

  • IM and SQ Medicine Administration

Nurse And Patient
Checking Blood Pressure_edited.jpg
  • Disease Management

  • IV therapies, including hydration, vitamins & antibiotics

  • Port-a-cath maintenance

Blood Test
  • Tracheotomy &  Colostomy Care

Doctor Taking Notes
  • Routine check

  • Plan Patient Care

  • Blood draw

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